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Y10i017  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 & 61-70 years old

Y07i008  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 51-60 years old

Y10i002  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

Y08i001  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 41-50 years old

Y08i003  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

Y10i006  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

TLSG08  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 17-20 years old

TLSG27  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

PVC14  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 & 71-80 years old

Y10i013  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

PVC17  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y10i007  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

Y07i010  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

TLSG29  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 41-50 years old

Y10i011  (2000s)   speaker(s): male & female, 16-20 years old

Y07i007  (2000s)   speaker(s): male & female, 21-30 & 16-20 years old

TLSG31  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 years old

Y10i021  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y10i022  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

PVC08  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

TLSG17  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 51-60 years old

TLSG33  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 years old

TLSG02  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 years old

Y07i005  (2000s)   speaker(s): female & male, 21-30 years old

TLSG23  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

TLSG37  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 41-50 years old

TLSG04  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 years old

Y10i026  (2000s)   speaker(s): female & male, 81-90 & 21-30 years old

PVC09  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

TLSG09  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

PVC01  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

PVC16  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y08i002  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

TLSG24  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 years old

TLSG18  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 years old

PVC04  (1990s)   speaker(s): male & female, 61-70 years old

TLSG19  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 41-50 years old

PVC06  (1990s)   speaker(s): female & male, 16-20 years old

Y07i012  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 71-80 years old

PVC15  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

TLSG05  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

PVC18  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 41-50 years old

Y07i003  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

TLSG01  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 31-40 years old

TLSG35  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 31-40 years old

PVC02  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 & 51-60 years old

Y10i018  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 & 16-20 years old

Y07i004  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

PVC07  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 51-60 years old

Y07i011  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 81-90 years old

TLSG14  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 41-50 years old

PVC11  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 41-50 years old

Y08i004  (2000s)   speaker(s): female & male, 51-60 years old

Y10i001  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 41-50 years old

Y10i009  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 41-50 & 51-60 years old

TLSG36  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 31-40 years old

TLSG07  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 years old

Y07i014  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 81-90 years old

Y07i009  (2000s)   speaker(s): male & female, 21-30 years old

Y07i006  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 31-40 & 21-30 years old

PVC12  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y10i025  (2000s)   speaker(s): female & male, 31-40 years old

Y10i012  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

Y10i023  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

PVC13  (1990s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y07i002  (2000s)   speaker(s): female & male, 21-30 years old

Y07i013  (2000s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 years old

TLSG20  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

Y07i001  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y10i005  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

TLSG21  (1960s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

PVC10  (1990s)   speaker(s): male, 16-20 years old

Y10i024  (2000s)   speaker(s): male & female, 16-20 years old

Y10i008  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

TLSG30  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old

Y10i016  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 16-20 years old

Y10i015  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

Y10i020  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

TLSG28  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 61-70 years old

Y10i019  (2000s)   speaker(s): female, 21-30 years old

PVC05  (1990s)   speaker(s): male & female, 61-70 years old

TLSG12  (1960s)   speaker(s): male, 21-30 years old