Shifting the Gravity of Spending Part 2

This evaluation project is a collaboration between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. The study is led by Professor David Hunter (IHS, Newcastle University) and Jo Gray (Northumbria University) with support from Gregory Maniatopoulos, Senior Research Associate (IHS, Newcastle University).  The project builds on an earlier study, Shifting the Gravity of Spending? Exploring methods for supporting public health commissioners in priority-setting to improve population health and address health inequalities (for details visit, and is assessing the adoption, and possible impact, of a new Prioritisation Framework tool launched by Public Health England ( on local authority decision-making in regard to investment and disinvestment decisions. The findings from the earlier study informed the new Prioritisation Framework. A report has now been published and can be accessed here Shifting the Gravity of Spending - Mark 2: Final Evaluation Report