Cross River Adventure

Welcome to the Cross River Adventure challenge!

The all new learning experience to help promote conservation of some of Cameroon's most highly endangered species!

This adventure requires you to solve a variety of challenges and puzzles through research of this website and more, in order to find out how you can help protect the endangered species of the Lebialem Highlands. 

Along the way you will be introduced to a variety of different people, organisations and animals, all of whom will try to assist you in reaching the grand prize at the end...the survival of the Cross River Gorilla!

Can you do it?

Before starting the game, make sure you head over to the useful information section to learn about why this game is important as well as educating yourself around the subject of the conservation of the Lebialem Highlands.

To find out how to play as well as where to start the game, head over to the about the game section to start your adventure.

Within this section you will also find some helpful hints should you need them, along with access to any certificates you may earn along the way.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Get involved!

Head over to the events and activities section to find out more about some of the amazing things the Cross River Gorilla Project has ran in the past, along with current and possible future things that you may be able to get involved with to help conserve the Cross River Gorilla the environment in which it lives.


Find out about the different people who helped create and produce the contents of this website, and discover the different organisations they work for and what they are doing to help promote conservation.