Lucy Hatt

 Brief outline of your research interests/interest in the work of Creative Spark

I’m interested in entrepreneurship and enterprise education, and particularly how the threshold concept approach can be applied in this context to inform curriculum development and enhance pedagogy.


Why you think Creative Spark is important?

Creative Spark is a fantastic opportunity to work as part of a diverse team, sharing and reapplying best practice.  The best ideas come from the interfaces between different things – that’s really important!


What you’ve done in the Creative Spark project so far?

I’ve helped develop some of the animation content and been involved in the webinar series, as well as supporting the recruitment of some of our team members.


What you’re interested in seeing happen in the Creative Spark project in the future?

I hope we can do more in person travel again in the future as on line engagement has been great, but nothing beats being physically present!  I’m also keen to capture some data on impact, and I think the threshold concept framework will be really useful for that.