Elnur Aliyev

What are your research interests/interest in the work of Creative Sparks? 

This is a very exciting project. It's great to be part of a project that helps startups in our country.

Why do you think Creative Spark is important? 

Starting from scratch make the idea come true can be difficult in all areas. Everyone needs helpful advice, but it's hard to find successful people who are willing to share their secrets. This project not only helps to improve their knowledge but also helps to get to know successful businessmen who are ready to share the secrets of success. 

What you’ve done in the Creative Spark project so far?

As a very new addition to the team not a lot just yet, but it's exciting start my journey with the Creative Spark.

What you’re interested in seeing happen in the CS project in the future?

Many free useful courses for those who want to improve their English. Opportunities to learn the practice of other countries. A hub for startups where they can meet and work together to improve their knowledge.