Anna Marczynska

  • Educational Resource and Event Coordinator
  • Supporting the project during events, website up-keep and communications.

What are your research interests/interest in the work of Creative Spark?

Currently I am an Undergraduate Biochemistry student with an intreset in educational tools development.

Why do you think Creative Spark is important?

We have tools that we can share with others, so why not do that? Creative Spark enables collaboration between entreprenuers from the UK and Azerbaijan, so we can grow and develop together -  thanks to Creative Spark

What you’ve done in the Creative Spark project so far? 

I am working on tools for both teachers and students to use, in order to make learning more enjoyable for all. Additionally, I help with keeping the Creative Spark website up and running!

What you’re interested in seeing happen in the Creative Spark project in the future?

It will be exciting to see what comes from the collaboration with CAERC and to see something we develop to be of use to others.