Ana Bogdanovic

  • Lecturer in Marketing, Degree Programme Director of Marketing and Management BSc Hons. Newcastle University Business School
  • Development of teaching materials related to marketing and pedagogy. Joined the team in Year 4 (2021-22).

What are your research interests/interest in the work of Creative Sparks ?

I am very passionate about marketing and about education, so I was instantly attracted by the opportunity for further engagement in development of teaching materials related to marketing and pedagogy.

 I constantly strive to get involved into engagement activities and learn about the real world to bring inputs back to teaching, especially when it is about the contexts that we really have the opportunities to learn about/engage with. The marketing literature is mostly representing case studies of large companies from the Western world, and I want to show to students that there is so much more out there. On the other hand, I like to use any opportunity to contribute to businesses with the knowledge I accrued during my professional development and specialisation. 

Why do you think Creative Spark is important?

I believe that as academics - educators and researchers, we have a twofold role. On one hand - to strive to contribute, to engage and impact, by sharing our knowledge and providing input to economy and wider society. On the other hand - to learn and provide input back to higher education, to inform our teaching with the newest developments in practice based on collaboration with partners. For me, Creative Spark is important as it enables and encourages this, and which is even more significant - on international level.

What you’ve done in the Creative Spark project so far?

I have just joined the team this year. My main contribution is directed to developing a teaching case study based on internationalisation of Azerbajani brand, Crispa, to be used in teaching and learning in modules as Global or International Marketing, (International) Brand Management etc.

Currently, my students at NUBS are exploring Crispa story - kindly provided by Nahid Jabbarov, the owner - as the real-life case study in Global Marketing seminars. The feedback is very positive and they are really enjoying the process.

What you’re interested in seeing happen in the CS project in the future?

I would love to see it continuing, and broadening the spectrum of skills and knowledge offered to students and businesses. On the other hand I would love to see more businesses involved and providing us their valuable inputs to further inform our teaching and direct research to the real needs they have.