CONVEX 2012 Workshop

The first CONVEX extreme rainfall workshop was held at Reading University on 17th & 18th April 2012.  This brought together potential academic and non-academic users of project outputs with climate modellers.

The workshop aimed to allow these groups to engage with the process of ensuring project outputs are maximised in terms of providing improved information on climate model capabilities and future extreme rainfall, including output from a 1.5km resolution regional climate model.  Here we provide a number of presentations that were made on the day.  In due course we will add a summary of the event and how the workshop contributions will be used within the project.

A summary of the meeting and outcomes from the workshop is available in the workshop report.  This is split into 3 short sections:

  1. Providing user-relevant outputs from climate research
  2. Scientific understanding of extreme rainfall
  3. Using the workshop contributions to inform our research

A more detailed summary of the meeeting is available in the workshop minutes.  If you have any comments or questions on any of these documents please contacts us.

All the documents and presentations below are in pdf format.


Day 1

Introduction to CONVEX  Stephen Blenkinsop, CONVEX

Using Climate Knowledge Juliette Daniels, Climate UK & London Climate Change Partnership

Day 2

Horyuji PAGODA Richard Allan, Horyuji PAGODA

Atmospheric rivers and British winter floods  David Lavers, HYDEF 

Dynamical Downscaling of Extra-Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Adrian Champion, DEMON