Project Description

The workpackages are described briefly below along with those involved, further details can be obtained by clicking on the links


WP1 will explore the process-links between large-scale atmospheric circulation and extreme spatial-temporal rainfall events using observed hourly and daily gauge and gridded datasets. (Stephen Blenkinsop, Hayley Fowler, Chris Ferro, David Stephenson)


Assessing the influence of RCM and NWP model parameterisation on extreme rainfall simulation.(Hayley Fowler, Stephen Blenkinsop, Elizabeth Kendon)


Assessing the influence of model resolution on extreme rainfall simulation. (Elizabeth Kendon, Steven Chan, Nigel Roberts, Richard Jones, Hayley Fowler)


Projecting future change in extreme precipitation and the implications for flood risk management.(Hayley Fowler, Steven Chan, Stephen Blenkinsop, Elizabeth Kendon, Richard Jones

CONVEX also has a number of project partners who are providing expert support.  These include:

Dr. Marie Ekström, Land and Water division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia with extensive experience in climate data analysis, primarily extremes and spatio-temporal characteristics of rainfall.

Bill Donovan, Senior Advisor for Climate Change at the Environment Agency. 

Roger Street, Technical Director at the UK Climate Impacts Programme.

Dr. Stephan Sain, Head of the Geostatistics Project at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Prof. Dan Cooley, Colorado State University.