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Megaro Mousikis

Matthew Sansom

Megaro Mousikis (2012) video still

My work is about the connection between the external stimuli of sound and its inwardly activated qualities. This involves listening to sounds and silences, their relationships, contexts and meanings in order to reflect on what they might reveal and say beyond themselves.

It is an exploration of the phenomenal experience of sound, the soundscape and its meanings. Meanings related to biological imperatives, others marking out identity (personal and cultural), and finally and of particular interest, inward resonances that shape and colour our inner states. Related themes that emerge from these concerns are: liminality; thresholds and modalities of perception; and the subtle and veiled qualities of particular fields of meaning.

By modifying the ways we encounter and re-experience the soundscape, my work seeks to enrich and to question the role and significance of the act of listening.

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