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Kleist in Thun

Gabriele Heller

Kleist in Thun postcard

Kleist in Thun, a reading in a setting is the latest response of actor, writer and director Gabriele Heller to the work of Swiss writer Robert Walser (1878-1956). In his short story Robert Walser draws a portrait of the German dramatist Heinrich von Kleist who lived in the Swiss Alps in 1802. The story culminates in the question of how to sustain a life as an artist. Through the portrait of Kleist Walser also unveils his own life as a writer.

In her theatre work Gabriele Heller is looking for shifts in the perception of the audience, between being a spectator and experiencing an empathetic moment. 
This performance alternates between the reading of the text and simple gestures responding to the setting in the room and the story. Performer and audience will be moving step by step from the biographical past of Kleist and Walser to the present moment.

The performance is experimenting with the presentation of different theatrical disciplines. When does the reading end and when does the performance start?

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