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Transient Realities

Ken Byers


The body and mind now in this present state of technological evolution can now also be seen as part of a virtual world, which travels through this in different states of mind, than the real. What is real?,  like cinema which form and shapes character identity which we can identify and empathize with, and which works on our own humane psychology, and can put us in different states of mind, follows the question what is real.  The body and mind can now even more be in a state of flux and movement but control and manipulation via new technology, brings new questions of how technology effects can manipulate. Alternatively the use of machines and new technology, to control and extend the mind and body, casts the mind and body into new perspectives.

The moving image is partly sound generated; the fine control of sound waves linked to the moving image could be a means of presenting other structures and languages of movement for creative exploration, of the human mind and body expression.

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Ken Byers

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU
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