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James Hutchinson

shooter: Interactive computer Projection with sound

Located within the Second Life Island of Newcastle/Gateshead built by Vector 76, a NE based virtual world development company, James Hutchinson www.jameshutchinson.org is constructing 'Shooter' a virtual Kinetic form. The work can be explored through a series of sonic Zones, a mix of electronic, recorded and found sound, by ClickAstly www.myspace.com/clickastly. This work allows a dialogue between reality and the virtual, impossible projects become realised, fantasy becomes fact. Vector 76 are a NE based virtual world development company consisting of Shaun Allan Virtual Architect & Business Development, Mike Pinchin Virtual Architect & Celia Begley Head of Social Networking & Virtual Events www.vector76.co.uk/

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James Hutchinson

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Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU
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