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Angelika Böck

Plots (2002)

Plots (2002) is an image and sound installation devoted to the most varied versions of three heterosexual love stories with each individual, whether they be part of the relationship or a complete stranger, giving their own account. The starting points in each case were the two versions of the love story as recounted separately by each partner. In an abridged form, the descriptions given by each pair were subsequently passed on to two male and two female authors, who wrote a series of fictitious scenes based on this material. Photos of locations and things jointly identified by the couple as the scenes of "turning points" in their relationship lie on the table. The versions of the two people involved can be heard, as well as the four different adaptations of each love story developed by outsiders. The story from the male point of view is heard from the right side of the headphones and the female perspective from the left.

Participants:three male and three female Interview partners; Authors: Thomas Bahmann, Susanne Bienwald, Butz Buse, Bettina Böck, Doris Haider, Klaus Heid, Gabrielle Heller Michael Hornstein, Robert Hültner, Andrea Kästle, Tobias Niemann, Fabienne Pakleppa; Off-speakers: Ditte Schupp, Jakob Riedl

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Angelika Böck

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