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The Hierarchy of Aesthetics

Corinne Lewis

Hierarchy of Aesthetics

Corinne Lewis is fascinated by the complex relationship between Man and Nature, and her lens-based creative practice examines this relationship with the aim of establishing a clear understanding.

Corinne’s research aims to explore the connections between mathematical formulae, numerological sequencing and natural forms through visual production and consultation.  She is working to establish an inter-disciplinary residency alongside Mathematics and Botanical Biology.

A key factor in the development of this residency is exploring the potential for educational outreach work in Moorbank Botanic Gardens, a man-made secret garden hidden from view in a residential area of Newcastle.

Corinne will lead a discussion with Dr Eric Cross (Dean of Culture), Professor Robin Johnson and Dr Ann Borland (Reader in Molecular Plant Physiology), and subsequently facilitate an interactive session where participants are encouraged to consider the notion of a hierarchy of aesthetics.

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Corinne Lewis

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU
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