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Talk: Dialogue with the Public

Cornelia Gockel

Dialogue with the public
Site-specific art in Munich applied to public contracts

To consider contemporary art within the framework of municipal construction projects is a proclaimed goal of the City of Munich. According to the guidelines up to 2% of the construction costs are to be spent on art projects. Artists are invited to participate in municipal construction projects like new kindergarten facilities, schools, municipal administration buildings, cultural buildings, subway stations, public greens, rearrangements of public squares and in certain cases even sewerage construction.

The contracts are normally assigned by the Department of Public Construction of the City of Munich. Since 1985, consultation and guidance is provided by the „Kommission für Kunst am Bau und im öffentlichen Raum“, a group of advisers in honorary capacity consisting mainly of external art experts. These experts are appointed for a period of three years by the City Council upon recommendation by the Department of Public Construction and the Culture Department of the City of Munich.

The attention of the committee is directed at the selection of the artists, in particular at the specific character of the corresponding locations which is determined by the functions and users. In the recent past it has been important to promote the acceptance of the art projects with the public and the users. Cornelia Gockel, the chairman of the commitee, presents a selection of new site-specific art-projects in Munich.

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Cornelia Gockel

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