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Orbital Twist

Wolfgang Weileder

Orbital Twist, computer generated proposal visualisation

Orbital Twist is a time-based architectural sculpture experiment realized in collaboration with students and staff from Newcastle College during the first day of the Connecting Principle Event 07. Using prefabricated roof trusses a group of carpenters will simultaneously construct and de-construct a continuous wooden structure on the Union lawn in front of Northern Stage.
The process is synchronised so that the construction and de-construction is choreographed sequentially: The timber structure will slowly move and twist around a center point like a cyclone.

Special movie cameras will record the entire process. It is planned to screen the resulting experimental short film on the second day of the event.

Orbital twist aims to explore the relationship between the temporary and the permanent in architecture as well as investigating the boundaries between process, artwork and documentation.

With special thanks to Newcastle College.

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Wolfgang Weileder

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