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Hearing the lines you drew and the colours you spread


Adinda van 't Klooster

4 video stills of the DVD score, by Adinda van 't Klooster

This collaborative piece consists of a half hour visual video score on DVD which was created by a computer patch written in Max/MSP. The score was generated live based on sound input from a live performance of ‘Sarah was Ninety Years Old’ by Arvo Pärt. This video score has since been given to various musicians and electro acoustic improvisers who have performed new soundtracks to this score in a live setup.

The first contributors to this project were a sub-division from the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (Graeme Wilson, Giles Lamb, Neil Davidson, and George Lyle). Since then contributions have been created by Die Weltauststellung (Germany), Tom Davis & J. Dixon (UK) and Jon Aveyard (UK).
More information on the origination of this project can be found on: http://www.axisweb.org/atATCL.aspx?AID=552

For the Connecting Principles event I am inviting new interpretations of the score. I am particulalrly interested in voice and theremin interpretations. The video score will be playing all day in the sound recording studio and musicians, improvisers and sound artists will be able to sign up for half hour slots in the sound recording studio to have their own interpretations recorded live and become part of the project. Video scores are available at request prior to the event to allow participants to practise prior to the recording session as experience has pointed out that the best results are obtained after several takes.

In its final shape this will be an installation with a large projection of the video score and 30 different sound/music interpretations of the score playing simultaneously and accessible via headphones lined along the walls on either side of a large projection screen.

Please send an email to: adinda_18@hotmail.com if you want to participate.

With special thanks to The Arts Council England and Jonathan Rust from ISIS Arts Ltd for DVD authoring

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Adinda van 't Klooster

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