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Robert Scheipner

Robert Scheipner, Banausic #4, 2006, plywood, glue, graphite, motor, transformer, cables, paper. Image from Plane Space

Banausics – installation, 2006, DV, sound, 07:54
Banausics – drawings, 2006, DV, sound, 04:20

Both film are a video documentation of the installation Banausics, a solo show at PLANE SPACE, New York 2006

Banausics is a multi-media installation, which was created during the gallery’s fourth annual summer artist-in-residence programme. The artwork implemented robotics and video projections as means to create drawings during the exhibition period. Activated by the sound of the videos, the urchin-like structures, pegged with graphite, move and bobble atop sheets of paper to make incredibly rudimentary, but systematically beautiful drawings.

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See Robert Sheipner's exhibition at Plane Space


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