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Winfried Pauleit

Winfried Pauleit, professor at Universität Bremen, works in the areas of film studies, media aesthetics and film education. Publications include: 'Filmstandbilder: Passagen zwischen Kunst und Kino' (2004), 'Das ABC des Kinos: Foto, Film, Neue Medien' (2009), 'Reading Film Stills. Analyzing Film and Media Culture' (2012). He is academic director of the annual International Bremen Film Conference and the editor of the following publications: 'Word and Flesh. Cinema Between Text and the Body' (2008), 'Cinema dreams. Projection, Imagination, Vision' (2009), 'Learning from the Cinema. International Perspectives on Film Education' (2010), 'Public Enemies. Film Between Identity Formation and Control' (2011), 'Animals and the Cinema. Filming, Mise-en-Scene, Animation' (2012).

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Winfried Pauleit

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