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Will Schrimshaw
Will Schrimshaw

I grew up in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, playing the drums in various bands and exploring the hills of Bretton for around twelve years.

For nearly five years I have been a resident in Newcastle upon Tyne where I work as a musician and artist. During this time I have completed two degrees in music, travelled to Florence and Stockholm to work on performance and installation projects, as well as working closer to home. I work regularly as an improviser and composer, preferring collaborative effort over solo projects. I also have an active interest in installation work and interaction. I am a member of the polytechnic arts group who are currently examining the idea of 'open source' as a critical, social, and artistic model.

My current work examines the idea of primordial resonances. This speculative project frames sound as a focusing of remnants of the Big Bang, a concentration of the murmur which was once the opening gesture of the universe. Much of my work seeks to filter or restrain chaotic sources through a mixture of formalistic and intuitive processes to attain aesthetic goals. In other work the possibility for the excitation of matter with sound is taken as a starting point for the exploration of artefacts originally located in a primordial noise.

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Will Scrimshaw

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