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Ruth Brenner

Ruth Brenner, a sculptor, was born in Scotland and currently lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne.  She has recently graduated from Newcastle University as a Master of Fine Art.  In 2010 she graduated with a BA (Hons) First Class in Fine Art from Northumbria University where she was awarded the Paul Mason Sculpture Prize.  Ruth has followed a highly individual course as an artist.  Following a period in commerce, a desire to return to something creative led her to give up full time employment and study fine art.  The need to be creative is deep rooted and making is a fundamental part of who she is, consequently, ‘crafting’ the object is an important aspect of her work.  She is interested in the philosophical idea of ‘making’ as a vehicle for human improvement and deeper understanding.   

Ruth’s practice is intuitive based on material exploration.  Familiar or industrial materials, which carry their own meanings, are used to make ambiguous objects.  It is important that the end results have vestiges of beauty but not in the orthodox sense.  She aims to achieve an uneasy beauty that incites curiosity.  With the fusion of masculine and feminine materials, and craft and industrial processes she attempts to subvert expectations.

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Ruth Brenner

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