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Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth are a group of multidisciplinary, cross cultural, performance artists who have been working together since 2004. The company is led by UK based Lynnette Moran and Kate Craddock who collaborate with globally dispersed artists based in China, South Korea, Switzerland, Bosnia, Japan and the UK.

Mouth to Mouth create and devise in cyberspace, and perform in both actual and virtual spaces. Through the ongoing no fixed abode project, mouth to mouth are exploring ways to remain connected as a collective, utilising lo and hi-fi technologies in that process.

Mouth to Mouth are currently Blue Room artists in residence at LIFT, carrying out the residency over a nine month period. mouth to mouth have also recently shown work at BAC (London), Northern Stage, Dance City (Newcastle upon Tyne), Whitechapel Gallery (London), Collision symposium, University of Victoria, (Canada), and The Space (London).

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Mouth to Mouth

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Mouth to Mouth
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