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Graham Dolphin

Lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Represented by SEVENTEEN London, David Risley Gallery Copenhagen, Regina Moscow.

Growing up in Britain in the 1970’s no doubt accounts to some extent for Dolphin’s appetite for celebrity iconography. His interest in mass culture manifests in a curious trade; he increases the significance of ordinary objects by manipulating their visual properties until they imperceptibly emulate famous icons. Sink(2011) is a perfect example of this; it is a replica of the sink upon which Che Guevara’s body was displayed to the press in the Vallegrande laundry house in the Bolivian highlands in 1967. Dolphin has gone to great lengths to render the two identical; he has even transcribed the personal tributes left on the sink by fans in the proceeding decades following Che’s execution.


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Graham Dolphin

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