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Armelle Tardiveau

Armelle Tardiveau is a practicing architect lecturing part-time at Newcastle University. She was born in Paris, trained at London Metropolitan University and ETH Zürich. Prior to becoming an architect, she was an editor in architecture and has worked for Artemis and Actar publishers.

Armelle Tardiveau founded ec-architects together with Daniel Mallo in 2004 with the deliberate intent to think and practice architecture politically. Their research is design-led and focuses primarily on architecture as an enabling tool and alternative spatial practices such as temporary interventions and urban actions. The enabling philosophy consists of working with time, steering dialogue and social dynamics and offering platforms allowing spatial flexibility and capacity for change. The practice is concerned with a sustainable agenda promoting low-cost, off-the-shelf materials and self-built construction methods.

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Armelle Tardiveau


Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU
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