The Science Case for a UK-based FEL

In light of progress against the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)'s strategy for FELs over the last 2-3 years and recognising the growing experience of the UK Science Community, the STFC is seeking to update the science case for a UK-based Free Electron Laser. 

The aim of the update is to focus on transformative scientific opportunities that would be enabled by a UK FEL and to conduct an assessment of these in the context of the UKRI Strategic Prospectus and Government Priorities. This will include an identification of the performance gap between current, planned and required capabilities and capacities to exploit the identified opportunities. It won’t, at this stage, be a detailed technical design.

A key element will be an assessment of the level of interest within the UK Scientific Community. A community survey is now available online, and a series of workshops have been running from October-December 2019, as follows:

Oct 2nd
Matter at Extreme Conditions (Edinburgh)
Nov 5th
Life Sciences (Crick)
Nov 13th
Frontiers in Physical Sciences (Imperial)
Nov 27th
Quantum Materials & Nanotechnology (Southampton)
Dec 4th
Applied and Industrial Research with XFELS (Warwick)
Dec 11th
Chemical Dynamics & Energy (Newcastle)

Please visit the STFC website for updates on these workshops, or register for the Newcastle workshop here: 

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