HPC-CONEXS and Harwell XPS Sandpit Event Summary

Sandpit Summary

On February 26-27th 2024, we co-hosted a Sandpit Event in collaboration with Harwell XPS at the Research Complex at Harwell. The event was split into two days. The first day focused on addressing the grand challenges and barriers to theory-experiment collaboration, while the second day was dedicated to developing collaborations between theorists and experimentalists in the field of X-Ray Spectroscopy.

Our first day including presentations from: 

i) Prof. Rob Palgrave, who outline the challenges and opportunties for theory in X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. 

ii) Prof. Jon Marangos who describe the implications for experimental-theory collaboration within the context of the UK X-ray Free Electron Laser project and attosecond X-ray spectroscopy.

iii) Prof. Gianluigi Botton discussed the developed arising from the Diamond II project and how theory is essential alongside experiment to advance understanding.

These gave rise to a lively debate and the discussion of community standards and benchmarks in X-ray spectroscopy. 

On the second day, we facilitated a collaborative event to match theorists to experimentalists based on shared research interests. Here small groups formed around specific research areas and discussed the their research objectives and opportunties to collaborate. A number of new projects were developed on the day, with more sure to follow!

A big thanks to everyone at Harwell XPS for their help in making this event possible! Likewise, a big thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you all will come along to our next events. 

See Sandpit Presentations here:

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