Collaborative Conversations

Spotlight on research: collaborative conversations

We are keen to develop our understanding of how we work together with families of young children with speech, language and communication needs.  Could we encourage more research to shape the way we think about working together with families? How could we change the way we provide speech and language therapy in homes and clinics across the world?

Katelyn Melvin tells her story of investigating “engagement” in her own clinical setting. In this series of videos Katelyn, based in Australia, talks to Karen Davies in the UK, about her research. This is a story of inspiration and transformation in the way Katelyn thinks about her role as a speech-language pathologist. You can hear about how she designed the study here. You can also view her findings here, the challenges and surprises and the benefits of learning from research

We hope this will be a useful resource for your own development as a practitioner or a teaching tool for you and your teams. We would love to hear your experience of collaboration for communication, so please do contact us via the people tab.