Project Coordinators


Project Coordinator: Professor Chris Whitehead

I am coordinator of the CoHERE project and Work Package 1 leader. I am Professor of Museology at Newcastle University (UK). I have a background in Art History and Curatorship, but have since published numerous books and articles in the fields of museum history, interpretation, knowledge construction, place and identity, memory and heritage studies and museums and migration.

Deputy Project Coordinator: Dr Susannah Eckersley

I am deputy coordinator of the CoHERE project, Work Package 7 (Dissemination) leader and a researcher on Work Package 1. I am a Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies at Newcastle University (UK), with a background in German Studies, Art History and Museum Studies. My research and publications relate to difficult histories and dark heritage (in particular in relation to German history); migration, diversity and representation; cultural policy; memory and identity; museums; and forced displacement.

Project Manager: Thereza Webster

I am the project manager of the CoHERE project,  providing administrative, operational and financial management for the Consortium.  I have over 10 years experience in supporting international EU funded projects,  a background in Business Administration, a Professional Certificate in Management and an MSc in International Marketing.