CloseNIT Network Plus

Closed-loop neural interface technologies (CNITs) combine sensing, processing and stimulation capabilities for real-time, bidirectional communication with the nervous system. They can act as artificial connections to bridge neural pathways lost through injury or disease, and drive neuroplastic changes in biological circuits. They can enhance prostheses, facilitate neurorehabilitation and modulate brain activiity in waking and sleep through real-time feedback control. Thus, CNITs have wide-ranging clinical applications for repairing brain connectivity, regulating brain activity and restoring brain function across diverse neurological conditions.

Close-NIT network

The EPSRC/MRC-funded Closed-loop Neural Interface Technologies (closeNIT) Network+ aims to connect experts from academia, industry and medicine to address key challenges and opportunities for closed-loop neural interfaces. Funds will support meetings, exchange visits, travel for early career researchers, patient and public dialogues and proof-of-concept research projects addressing six network workstreams and four cross-cutting themes. Our network will be inclusive, accessible and supportive of all researchers interested in scientific, engineering, clinical and ethical issues around CNITs, regardless of academic status. 

If you are interested in joining the closeNIT network, please see the sign-up page.