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Timothy W. Luke

  • Distinguished Professor of Political Science
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Professor Luke's areas of research include cultural studies, modern critical social and political theory, comparative politics, international political economy, and environmental politics. He teaches courses in the history of political thought, contemporary political theory, and comparative and international politics. He serves on the editorial board of Capitalism Nature Socialism, Critical Social Policy, Culture and Politics: An International Journal of Theory, e-Learning and Digital Media, the Minnesota review, Fast Capitalism, International Political Sociology, Journal of Information Technology and Policy, Open Geography Journal, Organization & Environment, New Political Science, Current Perspectives in Social Theory, Peace Studies Journal, and Telos. He is a founding editor of Fast Capitalism as well as the book line editor of Telos Press Publishing, where he oversees publication of works by Ernst Juenger, Carl Schmitt, Jean-Claude Paye, Paul Piccone, Victor Zaslavsky, and other works on social theory.

His recent books include: A Journal of No Illusions: Telos, Paul Piccone, and the Americanization of Critical Theory, Ben Agger and Timothy W. Luke, eds. (New York: Telos Press, 2011); There is a Gunman on Campus: Tragedy and Terror at Virginia Tech, Ben Agger and Timothy W. Luke, eds. (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008); Museum Politics: Powerplays at the Exhibition (University of Minnesota Press, 2002); Capitalism, Democracy, and Ecology: Departing from Marx (University of Illinois Press, 1999), The Politics of Cyberspace, co-edited with Chris Toulouse (Routledge, 1998),  Ecocritique: Contesting the Politics of Nature, Economy, and Culture (University of Minnesota Press, 1997).

He is also the author of: Shows of Force: Politics, Power, and Ideology in Art Exhibitions (Duke University Press, 1992); Social Theory and Modernity: Critique, Dissent and Revolution (Sage, 1990); Screens of Power: Ideology, Domination and Resistance in Informational Society (University of Illinois Press, 1989); Ideology and Soviet Industrialization (Greenwood, 1985).

Prof Luke wrote the following book chapters published recently: "The Dreams of Deep Ecology" in Corporate Environmentalism and the Greening of Organizations, ed. John M. Jermier (London: Sage Publications, 2013), 37-52 as well as “Reflections on ‘Actually Existing Sustainability’” in Justice, Sustainability, and Security: Global Ethics for the 21st Century, ed. Eric Heinze (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), pp. 85-107.

He was interviewed about his research by editors Kris Coffield and Midori Hirai for “Nonnatural Politics: An Interview with Timothy Luke” in the new, online cultural and political theory journal, Interstitial: A Journal of Modern Culture and Events 1.1 (May 2013):