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Gertrude Bell
Palmyra - Syria Palmyra - Syria. Tower tomb of Elahbel. Destroyed by the ISIS in 2015

Gertrude Bell
Syria. Dana [Canopied Roman tetrapylon Funerary monument with four columns on podium]

Gertrude Bell left a huge archive of books, pictures and letters that are now part of Gertrude Bell's Collection at Newcastle University. Most of Bell's work relates to the Middle East and evidence areas/people that would become deeply affected by conflict as the 20th century wore on. The archive comprises Gertrude's personal correspondence, diaries, pictures and miscellaneous items that can be found transcribed on the Gertrude Bell research website.

Gertrude Bell Archive is co-curated by Special Collections and Archives and the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

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Photo Caption 1 Palmyra - Syria. Kubbet el 'Arus [Tower tomb of Elahbel (son of Maani) S wall with doorway, inscription plaque and arched niche]. Tower tomb of Elahbel, destroyed by the ISIS in 2015 

Photo Caption 2 Dana - Syria [Canopied Roman Tetrapylon Funerary monument with four columns on podium]. Similar Ancient Roman structures have been destroyed in Palmyra by the ISIS