The Symposium is a full day event ending with a poster competition. Food and drinks will be served in the Forum.

Time            Speaker and title

09.30          Arrival and registration

09.50          Welcome and opening remarks (Professor Jeff Errington)

10.00          Professor David Holden FRS Immune Interference by Salmonella (abstract)

11.00          Tea/coffee (set up posters)

11.30          Dr Kevin Waldron Key role of 'promiscuous' metalloenzyme, able to switch metal cofactors during Staphylococcus aureus infection (abstract)

11.50          Dr Alan Cartmell Unusual active location and catalytic apparatus in a glycoside hydrolase family (abstract)

12.10          Professor Nick Jakubovics Biofilms: Life at the Interface (abstract)

12.30          Lunch (posters available)

14.00          Professor Colin Harwood Early stages in Bacillus subtilis secretion; revisiting the Signal Recognition Particle (SRP) (abstract)

14.20          Dr Daniel Peters Making skin from the plague: Engineering the Caf1 protein from Yersinia pestis for biomedical applications (abstract)

14.40          Professor Nikolay Zenkin Dissecting mechanisms of transcription termination (abstract)

15.00          Tea/coffee (posters available)

15.20          Dr Yann Cesbron A close look at the spatio-temporal organisation of the bacterial cell divisome

15.40          Dr Javier Abellon-Ruiz How to keep an asymmetric outer membrane in good health (abstract)

16.10          Professor Waldemar Vollmer Peptidoglycan synthesis in the test tube

16.30          Closing remarks (Dr Heath Murray)

16.50          Drinks and Food (posters available)

19.00          Poster competition results

 Abstracts will be uploaded as soon as they are available.

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CBCB Symposium 2017 Programme