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CASCAde meta-research wins STAST 2022 best paper award

Our paper on strength of evidence in socio-technical security and privacy studies was honored with STAST's 2022 best paper award.

Our work on strength of evidence found in socio-technical studies in security and privacy concluded that most published results are likely false. While this observation has been made in other fields such as medicine already, based on general statistical arguments, our work examines a specific sample of publications in the years 2006-2016 investigating human factors in security and privacy. Among other things the paper finds that only if we assumed that studies were done with little bias and vis-a-vis of large effect sizes, the majority of there would be likely true.

This CASCAde output is to appear in the 12th International Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects in Security (STAST).


Along with the paper, CASCAde released an open-source Strength of Evidence Simulation, which enables researchers to assess the strength of evidence reported on in the paper and to plan ahead with the end in mind for their own experiments.

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