Final Project Report

Final Project Report


2. Workshop content 

CBT Mind-management workshops for Postgraduates

1) Noticing when you are stuck (download here, PG handout 1)

2) Dealing with negative thoughts and self-criticism (download here, PG handout 2a, PG handout 2b)

3) Dealing with setbacks (download here, PG handout 3a, PG handout 3b)

4) Getting through uncertainty (download here, PG handout 4a, PG handout 4b)‌


C‌BT Mind-management workshops for Undergraduates

1) Striking the balance (download here)

2) Prioritising what matters (download here)

3) Adjusting to university life (download here)

4) Social compare and despair (download here)


Pending outputs:

  • Clinical Governance for Student Services working guidance document
  • A paper outlining how we established the clinic