Energies: Blyth Industrial Pasts & Energy Futures

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An exhibit presented by the NECCR Team at Newcastle University

Newcastle University has commissioned exciting new artwork from 9 outstanding regionally based artists and are inviting the community of the Northeast coastal town of Blyth to focus on its low-carbon energy industry and culture transformation. As part of the exhibit, all visitors are encouraged to share their own thoughts and reactions to Blyth’s energy futures.  We very much hope this exhibit starts a discussion between the visitors and their communities, and we welcome visitors having a discussion with us! Each website page contains the same link for giving feedback.

Blyth has a very proud industrial heritage that will influence how its people embrace the future.  The artworks express how the artists see the Blyth industrial past linking to the transformation and the types of energy used to sustain both life and work. The art is aimed at prompting people to think and question what is happening. How the community itself sees, feels and communicates this change is vital for shaping the Blyth community’s future and informing the adjustment all coastal communities must make to adapt to climate change.

In particular the exhibit asks:

  • How do the many efforts to create cleaner energy futures shape the lives of the people of Blyth and other coastal communities?
  • How do the range of new energy projects (e.g., wind, battery, biomass) and visions for Blyth and other communities interact and respond to the long industrial heritage of these places?

Our art gallery presents the 9 commissioned new works as well as a number of historical  images from Blyth’s industrial past.

(Image of Energies community workshop with ‘The Stars’ group from Headway Arts by Blyth based artist Allie Walton-Robson. Photography by Fran Castle)