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NEPIC Pharmaceutical Event: Continuous Processing


NEPIC would like to invite you to join us on 8th March 2016 to explorecontinuous processing, one of the major trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing today.

Whilst the theoretical advantages of changing from batch to continuous are known - reduced plant size, reduced energy usage, improved quality, improved containment, and shorter processing times - the practicalities of implementation remain a barrier to change.

NEPIC has gathered expertise from technology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and Universities through this one day event held at Northumberland Park, the former sanofi-aventis facility in Fawdon, to offer:

• Practical advice for continuous process introduction, 
• An explaination of the potential advantages, 
• And address the perceived barriers.


• Introduction of a continuous manufacturing process 
• The wider implications of adopting Continuous Processing
• Advantages and engineering issues associated with Continuous Processing
• Process control issues associated with implementation of Continuous  
• Advantages of flow chemistry
• Processing time reduction, reduced intermediate handling, reduced 
   energy usage
• Process intensification with solids
• Advantages of continuous vs batch. Process development & regulatory 
   issues in crystallisation & formulation
• Process analytics and QbD for Continuous Processing
• Spotting continuous opportunities, process development of continuous 
   processes and flexible systems for continuous manufacturing


• AM Technology‌
• Amec Foster Wheeler Energy
• Industrial Technology Systems
• Intensichem
• Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes Durham University
• School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials, Newcastle University
• Continuous Manufacturing & Crystallisation, University of Strathclyde

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