Conferences & Workshops

CHISA 2016



Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics (reactors and transport phenomena, catalysis and particles, reforming and Fischer-Tropsch, kinetics, petrochemistry)

Distillation and absorption

Extraction and leaching

Membrane separations (gas and vapour separation, pressure separation, other membrane processes, chemical reaction)

Solid–liquid separations

Fluid flow and multiphase systems (bubble/ drop mechanics, interfaces and capillarity, foams, emulsions and slurries, gas–liquid(–solid) flows, surfactants, fluidization)


Computer aided process engineering (synthesis and control, modelling and design, optimisation, process system engineering)

Particulate solids

Pharmaceutical engineering (general problems, continuous manufacturing, downstream processing of biological products, combination of chemical and biological processes, engineering knowledge in handling of highly active substances)

Chemical engineering education



Symposium on environmental engineering

Symposium on safety in chemical industry

Symposium on supercritical fluid applications (sub- and supercritical water; micronization, thermodynamic data and modelling, natural products)

Symposium on thermodynamics and transport properties

Symposium on novel food processes and technologies

Symposium on porous materials, nanostructures and nanocomposites

Symposium on progress in chemical technology and biotechnology (biofiltration, bioreactor applications, biotechnology, chemical technology)

Symposium on process intensification and miniaturisation

Commercial and technical impact from EU projects


19th Conference "Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction"

The Conference will be held as a specialised international venue in the framework of CHISA.



MARCHES 2016 – the MARket of CHemical Engineering and Services will take place in the premises of the CHISA 2016. Standard exhibition booths of 6 m2 floor area will be available for business negotiations and demonstration purposes. A Catalogue of Exhibitors will be distributed to all Congress participants. An expression of interest in the Exhibition should be sent to upon which more detailed information will be provided.


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