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Every year students in their final year tell us about things they have learnt during their degree that they wish they had realised earlier in their studies. We undertook a research project to speak with students in order to learn more about what those things were. The result of those discussions is this website, which we hope you can use to develop day to day study strategies, balancing that with social life and other commitments and enjoying your time at University.

Many of the tips and strategies students shared with us they developed after an assignment had not gone well, or they had begun to feel that their studies were not under their control. If you think through some of these ideas now and try to put some of them into practice you might avoid such negative experiences.

Every student is different and it is important that any advice is tailored to the person, but the suggestions of students gathered here can at least get you thinking about and trying different ideas.

Not all of the ideas will appear applicable now, but bookmark the link and return when you will find it helpful – hopefully not after things have gone wrong for you!


In the image below click on different parts of the desk and room and it will take you to different aspects of what studying and being at university involves. 


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