Action Research Arm Test

Welcome to the Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) Training and Assessment Programme. The ARAT is one of the most commonly used scales to assess upper limb function after a stroke. The aim of this website is to introduce the ARAT, provide a description of the scale and guide researchers and clinicians into how to administer the test.

The website is separated into:

  • ARAT training programme (currently under development): This will introduce the ARAT and provide an online training programme for administering the ARAT. You can learn how to administer and score ARAT by completing the ' '
  • Assessment programme: It is important for the validity of the test that all raters (researchers and clinicians administering the ARAT) conducting the ARAT and score the test in the same way. The assessment programme on this website allows ARAT raters to score videos of participants completing the ARAT to ensure correct administration of the test. These phases are completed in two parts to test scores between raters as well as the score of the same rater over time.
    • If you have undergone ARAT training and you need to be assessed for the first time OR you are required to undergo a new round of testing please complete 'Assessment Programme Phase 1'
    • If you have already completed Assessment Programme Phase 1 of the assessment and you are required to undergo a one month assessment then you need to complete 'Assessment Programme Phase 2'.