About our Project


What is the purpose of the study?


The ALTAR trial is about finding out whether taking a drug known as Methenamine Hippurate (Hiprex®) twice a day is as good at preventing repeated urinary infections in women as taking a once daily dose of antibiotic (antibiotic prophylaxis). When antibiotics are used too often they become less effective at treating infections and the bugs causing the infection can eventually become resistant to the antibiotic. This means that the treatment may no longer work. Doctors would like to use fewer antibiotics where possible to stop the bugs from becoming resistant, but they need to be able to use another treatment that they know will work at least as well if not better than the antibiotics.

Hiprex® is a non-antibiotic treatment for urinary infection but doctors are not sure if this works as well as antibiotic prophylaxis which is the usual treatment for repeated urine infections.

This study will help determine the relative clinical effectiveness and cost‐effectiveness for the NHS of two types of these licensed preventative treatments for women with recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infection (rUTI) over a 12 month treatment period.