About My Project

What Exactly is the Research About?

I am a young female postgraduate researcher from Newcastle University, seeking to speak to young women aged 18-25 who go on nights out in the city of Newcastle with female friends.

My research is about ideas of what is appropriate and inappropriate feminine behaviour for young women on nights out in Newcastle. The North-East has had a lot of media attention in recent years, particularly through shows like Geordie Shore, which present us with a certain image of what it means to be feminine on a night out in Newcastle, so I’m interested in actually speaking to young women in the city about what they think. The sort of topics we’ll be talking about include clothing, appearance and getting ready, drinking practices, what you enjoy doing and some of the things you think might be a bit risky on a night out.  

It doesn't matter where you like to go or how often. I’m interested in talking to women who go to all sorts of venues, including straight, lesbian and bisexual young women.

My research is based at Newcastle University and is fully funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).