Research Capacity Development

Dr Fred Barker

  • Academic Foundation Programme Doctor

Fred Barker worked with the AGE Research Group as part of his two-year Academic Foundation Programme (AFP), starting in August 2020. Fred examined the differences in the Value of Statistical Life (VSL) across groups of older people with frailty and multimorbidty living in Burkina Faso as part of the CHAS/Nouna cohort study. He also undertook a systematic review of the effect of the NAD+ precursor supplementation on muscle function in older people.
In 2019, Fred completed a Masters degree in Public Health with the AGE Research Group, kickstarting his research interest in global health. For his dissertation, he analysed data from the HAALSI cohort study of older people in South Africa to derive and validate a cumulative deficits Frailty Index - a key step in understanding the impact of frailty on ageing populations in lower and middle income countries.