ISTRC 2023 - “Where Worlds Meet”

On 5-6 October 2023, the AGE Research Group and NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre welcomed almost 100 researchers and clinicians from all over the world to Newcastle University, for the second International Sarcopenia Translational Research Conference (ISTRC).

In recent years there has been growing recognition of the clinical importance of sarcopenia, but there is still a major need for more widespread diagnosis and the development of novel treatment options for this highly prevalent age-related condition. Translational research is key to these aims. Great strides are being made in our scientific understanding of sarcopenia and the challenge now is to translate these advances into better care and treatments for older people.

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The theme of this conference was “Where Worlds Meet” and our aim was to highlight the importance of sarcopenia and advance our knowledge through encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations and supporting the development of early career researchers.

A fantastic scientific programme underpinned the event, spanning the full translational pathway from epidemiology and biology through to clinical trials, interventions, and digital innovations.

Researchers from the AGE Research Group also hosted two group workshops; ‘Building interdisciplinary research teams’ delivered by Dr Antoneta Granic, and ‘New ways of characterising skeletal muscle’ delivered by Dr Karen Suetterlin. External speakers from Brazil, Australia, Europe, Cameroon, Singapore, USA and of course UK and Ireland gave a wide lens focus and highlighted the truly global context of sarcopenia research today. Over 50 delegates submitted oral or poster abstracts, showcasing a diverse, exciting, and high-quality body of international work.

Many productive connections were made, and the excellent feedback from delegates showed that the conference clearly achieved its aims:

  1. To advance understanding of sarcopenia for translation into interventions.
  2. To develop effective global collaborations across discipline boundaries.
  3. To encourage and support the development of early career researchers.
  4. To highlight the importance of sarcopenia research for clinical practice.

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Delegate highlights

“The breadth and quality of talks including both the oral abstracts and the longer lectures.”

“The chance to speak to researchers at my level and more senior PIs.”

“The interdisciplinary nature of the conference was excellent.”

“An atmosphere of friendly collaboration was set at the beginning.”

“It reinforced elements of good clinical practice”

“A very good variety of topics covered and presented by researchers at different career stages.”

“Really fantastic conference - left with lots of food for thought. Was extremely encouraged by the representation from around the globe.”

More information about the conference, including a link to the full programme, digital posters, and details of the prize winners, will be available on the ISTRC website in due course. You can also browse through #ISTRC2023 social media posts for a real flavour of the energy and warmth of this international event.

Conference image     Conference image

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