Singing For Performance

Working with this group was pure joy! From the moment that we met up, in a cold, damp and rather dark hall at St George’s Clubhouse, the will to improve, succeed and enjoy was palpable. A few of the singers had worked together before but most were new to each other – and a good third of women were new or returning to singing. Members of the group quickly chose whether to work with the lower or higher part of their voice and – by week two, we had an impressive three part sound.

The structure of knowing that we had ’10 weeks’ worked well – with a solid end goal and also a knowledge of the commitment and allegiance involved. The end performances were stunning. The sensitive and mutually supportive attitude of all amazing and the quality of both the singing and the performance - a tribute to the work of the group over the term. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope that members of the group continue to sing with fervour and  joy.

Gilly Love, !0 Weeks to Performance facilitator

Where? St Georges, Gateshead

When? 10 workshops on Tuesday mornings (11am to 1pm) between September & December 2012

What happened? The group was facilitated by Gilly Love and worked with researcher Dr Helen Thomas to explore and record their experiencs of taking part in the workshops. !0 Weeks To Performance performed at the Hatton Gallery on 12th December 2012. 



 !0 Weeks to Performance: The Performance



The four pieces featured on this recording represent the Singing group’s debut as ‘!0 Weeks to Performance’ at the Workshop Celebration for Ageing Creatively project participants at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University, on 12 December 2012.  


Track Listings

Home to the Ash Grove

Welsh Folk Song with Dvorak's Symphony No 9 (Largo), arranged by Earlene Rentz


The Star of Christmas Morning/I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Traditional / Words: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow / Music: Anne Christophers


The Music of Your Heart

Words and Music: Steve Kupferschmid


Winds of Sleep

Words: Pelham Moffat / Music: N. Prater