Call for Early Career Researchers


Towards the Digital Hospital: From custom-made medical devices to 3D Bioprinting.  UK-Peru partnership



Newcastle University (UK) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Lima, Peru) are calling for "early expressions of interest" to attend the British Council-funded workshop entitled: Towards the Digital Hospital” From custom-made medical devices to 3D Bioprinting

The event is aimed at Early Career Researchers (ECR) currently based in UK or Peru, and it’s intended to provide a space of dialog, training and debate about the use of novel digital design and manufacturing techniques being used across several healthcare areas from diagnose to surgical planning and personalized medical devices. We are opening a call for "Early expressions of interest" for potential ECRs based in UK Higher Education Institutions, Research Centres, or NHS trusts. This call will be opened through from January 2019 to 28th February 2019. Once registered, and eligibility established, you will receive a formal application form following the standard Newton-Fund researcher’s link template.

We expect to recruit between 10-12 UK-based researchers and the award will include:
• Return flights UK- Lima Peru (economy class)
• Accommodation for the whole duration of the event
• Meals/subsistence
• Social and networking events

About the event:
Location: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima Peru Campus 
Venue: VEO-PUCP. Digital Manufacturing Hub. More details about the location on: 
Event dates: 10-14 June 2019

Eligibility requirements:
• Fulfil the ECR as defined by the British Council (to be within 10 years of receiving your PhD, or Masters degree in case of clinical/NHS candidates or less than 10 years professional practice).
• If you are an NHS-affiliated scientist there is no requirement for PhD degree
• To be currently research/practice active, and affiliated/employed by any UK HE, research/academic, centre or NHS unit.
• There is no restriction on nationalities provided your affiliation is in the UK.

Candidates profile and areas of expertise:
We are interested in ECR candidates with background and expertise in any of the following fields:
• Digital Manufacturing/ 3D printing for healthcare applications
• In-clinic Bio-CAD BioPrinting /plotting of biomaterials
• 3D design of implant guides and surgical aids.
• Reconstructive & Maxillofacial digital design & planning
• Digital Design and printing applied to dentistry (restorative, corrective, cosmetic)
• Medical device Design
• Medical training kits design
• Redistributed manufacturing and point-of-care provision

The selected ECRs will be expected to deliver a talk related to their core field of expertise and attend the other planned sessions by UK and Peru delegates.
We will prioritize those candidates that express an interest in delivering a hands-on mini-workshop for the purpose of training/informing Peruvian delegates.

 Click on the following link if you are interested in attending this event:


For further information, informal enquiries of general information contact:
Prof Kenny Dalgarno,Newcastle University: (Co-organizer, Senior Mentor)
Dr. Javier Munguia,Newcastle University (Co-organizer,Technical program)
Miss Jennifer Wong: (local organizing committee at PCUP-Lima)