Paul Quinn in partnership with EA and AMCO win the ICE North East Robert Stepheson Prize 2015, for the Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme


Marc Stutter (JHI) has written an excellent summary in the Scotsman on the 'Holding Water' Workshop that was held in London in November


We are also working with the FLOW PARTNERSHIP to see if we can move the NFM and catchment agenda froward. Please have a look and help contribute to the big push!


CIWEM NFM confernce

I Presented a talk entitled Headwaters and Flooding. This presentation and several other great talks can be seen at

NFM September 10th. It was given the name 'Managing Flood Risk in Headwater Catchments' - hence I was stressing that Headwaters are everywhere and not just in the uplands!



Our Natural Flood Management Report (using Runoff Attenuation Features) can now be found under The Belford Link


BBC articles citing the Belford case study

 The One Show

BBC online

  Back-to-nature flood schemes need 'government leadership'

  How do you stop flooding?

  Farmers urged by WWF to do more to prevent flooding

The Newcastle Journal - Pioneering Northumberland flood defence scheme proves a big success

Newcastle University front page and press release -  ‘Natural’ engineering offers solution against future flooding

Netherton Burn Runoff Management Project - Northumberland National Park awarded the Project and the local farmers the 2013 Natural Resources Innovation Prize.

CIRIA have produced an excellent review on Flood Management citing Belford, The Hodder and the FARM tool as examples.


Welcome to the  proactive website, a part of the Proactive Catchment Management philosophy. This new look website is constantly under development with new information and sites.

The proactive ... approach is a dynamic philosophy geared towards intervening in the environment to improve water quality, reduce flood risk and diffuse pollution, recycle waste and introduce renewable energy generation into farming. This includes diffuse pollution management, flood management at source, waste recycling on farms, decision support tools, demonstration sites and modelling.

The Proactive team are  delivering the evidenec and the methods to underpin "Proactive Catchment Management" concept (see link on menu bar for more information).