Banner images: Seria Ludo by Matt Collishaw, part of ‘Folly’, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal (photo: Kippa Matthews); A Window for Shandy Hall, by Anne Vibeke Mou, Shandy Hall (photo: Jonathan Turner); Vessels, by Andrew Burton, Bondi Rocks, NSW Australia (photo: Andrew Burton); Oculus Mundi, by Irene Brown, Gallery Of Wonder on Tour (photo: Colin Davison); Scavenger, by Gary McCann, part of ‘Folly’, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal (photo: Kippa Matthews).

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience

'Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience’ is an interdisciplinary research project that critically examines the role and practice of temporary visual art commissioning within heritage properties in Britain today, mapping the current landscape and exploring the impact of this activity on its producers and audiences. It approaches this subject from multiple perspectives, bringing together the knowledge and experience of scholars, artists, heritage professionals, volunteers and visitors.

This is a three-year research project (2017-19) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The project is delivered in collaboration with UK heritage partners The National Trust and The Churches Conservation Trust.

Public outputs from this research project include the production of four new commissioned artworks at heritage property sites in North East England in 2018, a major international conference on contemporary art in heritage practice and an exhibition at The Hatton Gallery in Newcastle in 2019.  

Artists, curators and organisations - Tell us about your projects!

This week we’ve launched a new online questionnaire calling for your contributions to our national mapping of the contemporary art in heritage field.

Gogmagog – The Voices of the Bells

Artist Matt Stokes talks about the research process and inspiration for his commission at Holy Trinity Church.

Undisciplined Women

Artist Fiona Curran talks about her approach to the story of Mary Eleanor Bowes.

MCAHE Research project launch event

MCAHE Research project launch event


walkinglookingandtellingtales is the title of Mark Fairnington’s blog recording the progess of his commission for Cherryburn.

Project presented at AHRC Heritage Conference

Presentation to AHRC Heritage Conference

Commission artists announced

Three artists have now been selected to create new artworks for our research sites.