Next Stakeholder Event

4 November at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham

During the day there will be presentations from Anne Shaw who is leading on transport and connectivity at Birmingham City Council; Geoffrey Hewings from University of Illinois, who will provide an international perspective on future infrastructure challenges for metropolitan regions; iBUILD team members will present latest work on energy efficiency retrofit in buildings, financing infrastructure adaptation and local governance and devolution. There will also be two interactive workshops on infrastructure values and alternative business models.

Register at: http://forms.ncl.ac.uk/view.php?id=8660

Detailed Agenda November 2015

Major project update - March 2015

Are you being served? Alternative infrastructure business models to improve economic growth and well-being


Infrastructure BUsiness models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery


i-BUILD is developing new business models to improve the delivery of infrastructure systems and the services they provide.


These new business models will better exploit the technical and market opportunities that emerge from the increased interdependence of modern infrastructure systems. 


i-BUILD focuses on infrastructure at the scale of neighbourhoods, towns and cities where infrastructure is most dense and interdependencies between infrastructures, economies and society are most profound.


As cities, local authorities and local enterprise partnerships are given more powers for infrastructure delivery and to raise finances it is crucial to develop robust new business models to develop infrastructure related business and growth locally - to the benefit of the nation.



i-BUILD is a consortium of three of the UK's leading universities.

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