Youth Research Initiative

The Youth Research Initiative at Newcastle is an interdisciplinary collective of scholars whose aim is to forge novel approaches that will enable us to map, monitor and review the experiences of younger people (from late childhood through to adulthood).

Our interdisciplinary approach addresses not only the changing position of young people in political and social terms, but also locates the voices of young people in arts and culture, and digital spaces; crucially, we acknowledge the agency of younger people.

The work of the collective is transformative, ground-breaking and agenda-setting. Its core ambition is to both heavily theorise (under-theorised) intra-generational and inter-generational inequalities and have a deep and meaningful societal impact working with a wide range of external stakeholders, policy makers and other academics working in this field, locally nationally and internationally.  

Our collective is complemented by Newcastle University’s status as an anchor institution of the North East of England, with strong partnerships in local civic, educational, cultural and commercial bodies.